About IIA Egypt

Who Are We?

We are an Egyptian NGO established by professional Egyptian volunteers, as Part of The Institute of Internal Auditors, to enhance the awareness of Internal Audit profession, and support the internal audit professionals to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities. We are volunteering our endeavors to assist all professionals to pursue their educational as well as career pathway in Internal Audit field.

IIA Egypt is the only formal and authorized representative of the global Institute of internal auditors in Egypt; framing the public awareness about the positive impact of internal audit on businesses’ sustainability.

  • Building and strengthening the advocacy about the internal audit profession and the international standards governing the practice.
  • Spreading the awareness about the modern internal audit concepts and clear the misconception of the internal Audit role from a mere faultfinder to a strategic supporting partner.
  • Providing updates about the internal audit profession through diverse channels and ongoing learning.
  • Being the formal consultancy hub for Internal Audit Quality Assurance & Improvement Program (QAIP) services provided by qualified professionals and sealed by the IIA.
  • Granting internal auditors the opportunity to volunteer in the Chapter’s activities to share skills, knowledge and good practices.
  • Providing a career hub for all experienced internal auditors, forming a rich database of qualified internal auditors to match with relevant job opportunities with employers.

Supporting the Chapter's Members in


Maintaining the Continuous Professional Education CPE hours of the acquired certificates through ongoing development and trainings covering the needed criteria by the IIA Global for keeping earned certification in good standing.


Provide exceptional networking opportunities with acknowledged and renowned Internal Audit Professionals through conferences, events, and webinars.


Guide members on professional development opportunities necessary for career advancement and promotion.



Our vision is to be the best in-class hub in the Middle East that is acknowledged as a center of excellence for the Internal Audit profession. We aim to advocate the value of Internal Audit, promote best practices, and provide exceptional support to our members.



Our mission is to promote and upskill the Internal Auditors in Egypt. We are committed to building awareness and shaping the next generation of Internal Auditors who add value to their industries while upholding the ethics and standards of the profession.



The IIA Chapter upholds the global IIA’s core ethical principles











Current Board of Directors

Nabil Diab

Chairman of the BOD & President

Abdallah Mohamed

BOD member & Vice President

Nabil Istanbouli

BOD member & Treasurer

Amira Adeeb

BOD member & General Secretary

Ahmed Fouad Al Watan

BOD member

Mohamed Ghareeb

BOD member

Hossam Fahmy

BOD member

Management Team

Mohamed Hassaan

Executive General Manager

Yasmine Abbassy

President Assistant

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