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IIA Egypt (Part of The Institute of Internal Auditors) helps internal auditors deliver strategic advantage
that drives organizational success.

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Membership means you belong to a real community with access to industry content, resources and tools.

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Access exclusive guidance on day-to-day issues affecting internal auditors worldwide. Moreover, become more effective and efficient.

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Providing professional development activities, guidance, education and certifications-preparation courses.

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Member Services

Providing members with exclusive coaching sessions and training programs and encouraging them to make a difference.

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Membership means guidance networking opportunities & savings on world-class training.

Continuous Development

Building and strengthening the advocacy about the Internal Audit Profession and the International Standards.

CPE Policy

It’s easy to keep your IIA certification(s) or qualification(s) active, but you need to report now. We make it simple to get your continuing professional education or continuing professional development (CPE/CPD) credits


Providing exceptional networking opportunities with acknowledged and renowned Internal Audit Professionals through conferences, events and webinars necessary for career advancement and promotion.

Executive Development

Bringing together internal auditors, from diverse industries, to share information, challenges, practices and experience in internal auditing. Uphold the Internal Audit Standards by undertaking Quality Assurance.


You can take advantages of discounted learning opportunities, including world-class conferences and certifications, and even free monthly webinars. All of these benefits allow membership to essentially pay for itself.


Access exclusive guidance on day-to-day issues affecting internal auditors worldwide. Moreover, become more effective and efficient by following professional standards to perform any audit, anywhere.


Stay informed and up-to-date with the latest trends, opinions, and headlines from Internal Auditor magazine, as well as innovative learning opportunities Moreover, the IIA Global annual risk report and corporate governance index,

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